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Chamomile Tea | Benefits of Drinking Organic Chamomile Tea

Benefits of Drinking Organic Chamomile Tea

Learn all about how drinking our organic chamomile tea with full-spectrum CBD extracts can enhance your well-being.


What is Chamomile Green Tea?

Chamomile is a flowering, daisy-like herb derived from the Asteraceae plant family. Named after the Greek work chamaimēlon, which translates to “ground apple,” chamomile is defined by its delicate sweetness and subtle apple flavor. Its scent alone evokes a sense of relaxation, but it’s the inherent medicinal qualities of this herb that have made it a staple in aromatherapy and herbal teas dating as far back as Ancient Egypt. While this flower can be found globally, even growing wild in some areas, it is most often cultivated in Egypt and Eastern Europe.

Chamomile tea is a calming, caffeine-free herbal tea created from dried chamomile flowers and hot water. Fragrant and light-bodied, this tea is consumed widely for both its soothing effects and health-related benefits. It is so popular, in fact, it is estimated that chamomile tea is consumed on average one million times per day.

How is Chamomile Tea Produced?

Many teas are made from the same plants, but a variety of factors inform the finished product, including the climate and geography where they’re grown and the way the leaves are processed after picking.

Unlike some herbs which are harvested for their stems or roots, chamomile tea begins with the chamomile flower, which is harvested in the summer after it has fully bloomed and before its petals start to wilt—preferably in the morning, once the dew has dried.

Harvesting chamomile flowers before they’re in full bloom won’t yield a toxic result, but the herb’s many medicinal properties may not reach their full potential. Chamomile flowers will typically bloom for several months, making chamomile harvesting an ideal summer pastime. When picking these blooms, it’s important to collect only the head of the flower—including the yellow center and white petals.

After the flowers are harvested, they’re then dried in preparation for use. This process of dehydration and drying changes the appearance of the petals from white to a soft yellow and may cause them to separate from the flower head, but it also extends the shelf-life of the herb for longer enjoyment.

Chamomile tea is created from an infusion of these dried blooms and hot water. Steep a mixture of 2-3 teaspoons of dried chamomile per cup of water, and in just a few minutes this light herbal tea will be ready to drink.

Whether you are searching for packaged herbal teas or would like to purchase loose herbs for teas of your own making, chamomile is a great place to begin. Be sure to buy organic chamomile tea that is also fair trade to ensure that it has been cultivated in ethical, environmental, and health-friendly ways. Or better yet: try harvesting your own this summer.

What Are the Benefits of Chamomile Tea?

Tea is known to offer medicinal and health-related benefits, and chamomile tea is no exception. Not only is it aromatic and relaxing, but its high concentration of flavonoids protects the body against toxins while also aiding its regular functions. From boosting your immune system to improving sleep and fighting stress, the benefits of chamomile tea are nearly endless.

Relieving Stress, Improving Your Sleep & Your Mood

Caffeine free and truly relaxing, chamomile tea is most often consumed at night—and for good reason. With a soothing aromatic quality, this herbal tea has a natural sedative effect, making it the perfect tea for stress relief. And when this herb is combined with other medicinal herbs, like in a chamomile lavender tea, it’s even more calming. But chamomile tea doesn’t just help ease you into sleep: it can keep insomnia at bay and help you stay asleep, too.

During the day, chamomile tea can prove to be just as beneficial. If your stress is running high or you’re experiencing jitters from too much coffee, a cup of chamomile tea can help bring your mind and body back to equilibrium.

Whether you reach for chamomile tea in the morning or the evening, it’s sure to restore a sense of calm, improve your mood and guarantee a better night’s rest.

Protecting Your Health & Preventing Future Ailments

In addition to improving your everyday life by increasing relaxation and providing a more restful sleep, chamomile tea is known to boost your immune system, help combat colds, and even prevent future ailments.

Chamomile tea is often praised for its anti-inflammatory capabilities, which can help with everything from muscle spasms and generalized pain to menstrual cramps. But it can also help lower blood sugar levels for those suffering from diabetes and can even aid in preventing osteoporosis as well as certain cancers.

When enjoyed regularly, chamomile tea can boost your immune system so your body is better equipped to handle the next cold that approaches. And if you’re already under the weather, chamomile can even help fight off your cold systems too.

Whether you’re experiencing ailments currently, or simply want to strengthen your immune system, chamomile tea can offer help with all of the above.


When & How to Enjoy Chamomile Tea


To reap the full benefits of chamomile tea, it’s important to prepare it correctly and consume it at the right time of day. Brewing your chamomile tea begins with boiling water to 100°C (212°F). Whether you’re using loose leaf tea or tea in a sachet, be sure to let it steep for three to five minutes.

Since chamomile tea is both caffeine free and filled with calming, anti-inflammatory properties, it’s most often enjoyed as a beverage after dinner or before bed. Light and herbal, it can also act as a palate cleanser after a particularly heavy meal. But chamomile tea is just as enjoyable during the daytime. And for non-coffee drinkers, would even be a nice way to begin the day.

With its soothing flavor, calming aroma, and medicinal perks, you might be tempted to enjoy chamomile tea multiple times a week—or even a few times in one day. And the good news is, you’ll enjoy even more of its benefits.

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