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Jasmine Tea | The Benefits of Drinking Organic Jasmine Tea

The Benefits of Drinking Organic Jasmine Tea

Learn all about how drinking our organic jasmine tea with full-spectrum CBD extracts can enhance your well-being.

What is Jasmine Green Tea?

Jasmine tea is a flavored tea created by infusing jasmine blossoms with tea leaves, typically from the Camellia sinensis plant. The jasmine flowers used to create this scented tea are derived from one of two species, jasminum officinale or jasminum sambac; both of which are related to the olive family, oleaceae.

Native to the Middle East and Asia, Jasmine tea rose in popularity during the Ming Dynasty and became one of the first teas exported from China in the late 1800s. Highly aromatic and delicately flavored, this tea remains a staple across the globe.

How is Jasmine Green Tea Produced?

Many teas are made from the same plants, but a variety of factors inform the finished product, including the climate and geography where they’re grown and the way the leaves are processed after picking.

Jasmine tea is produced through an artful process that, like the creation of many other types of tea, includes a series of carefully executed steps. Jasmine tea begins with a base of tea leaves—most often green tea, though sometimes white or black—from the Camellia sinensis plant. Once these leaves have been harvested, dried, and stored, they are infused with jasmine blossoms and take on their fragrant scent. But harvesting jasmine for tea requires a detailed process of its own.

Jasmine blossoms are picked mid-day throughout the summer, and in particular, during the hottest time of the season. This is when the buds are still sealed, but once they are dried and cool, they open up, ready to release their scent.

These freshly gathered flowers are mixed with the tea leaves, typically by machines, and the leaves then absorb the blossoms’ scent. Different types of tea may require several stages of scenting, during which new blooms would be continually introduced to the batch. Depending on the producer’s aims, this process can last for a day or even an entire month. Once the scenting is complete, the tea is then fired to dry all of its components in preparation for packaging.

When searching for your next jasmine tea, look for an organic jasmine tea that is also fair trade to ensure that it was cultivated in ethical, environmental, and health-friendly ways. An organic jasmine green tea will feature this tea’s signature fragrance, plus the countless health benefits associated with green tea.


What Are the Benefits of Jasmine Green Tea?

Tea is known to offer medicinal and health-related benefits,and jasmine tea is no exception. Rich in antioxidants and antibacterial properties, jasmine tea can alleviate pain, protect your body against a range of illnesses, and even reduce stress.

Relieving Stress, Boosting Your Mood & Improving Your Skin

Jasmine tea’s floral aroma is pleasant and enticing—and it’s also a catalyst for stress-relief. Our moods are impacted by the senses, and jasmine tea’s fragrant aroma triggers a parasympathetic response that lifts the spirits and relaxes the mind. Since the types of tea fused with jasmine blossoms are quite caffeinated, each cup of jasmine tea will offer an uplifting boost in both mood and energy.

The antioxidants and antibacterial properties in jasmine tea are also known to enhance the appearance of skin. Jasmine oil is often used to treat wounds and prevent scars, but consuming jasmine tea can also improve your skin from within.

Alleviating Pain & Preventing Future Ailments

In addition to relieving stress and elevating your mood, jasmine tea can ease current pain and even prevent future ailments. The anti-inflammatory properties of jasmine tea are known to alleviate the aches and pains commonly associated with arthritis. And with its high concentration of antioxidants, in addition to vitamins and minerals, it can also strengthen your immune system so you’re able to ward off viruses and infections, too.

The antibacterial properties in jasmine tea also provide unique benefits, allowing the body to fight off microbes that would otherwise result in infection. In fact, one study illustrated that jasmine oil can eliminate E.coli from the digestive tract. But these antibacterial properties can also reduce the bacteria that causes cavities in teeth.

Powerful anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties make jasmine tea good for stomach health, in addition to boosting your immune system, reducing pain, and regulating your circulation. And by combining these perks with those offered by the green, black or white teas jasmine blossoms are infused with—which are known to protect your health now and prevent future cognitive diseases, or even cancer—the benefits of jasmine tea are truly limitless.

When & How to Enjoy Jasmine Green Tea

To reap the full benefits of jasmine tea, it’s important to prepare it correctly and consume it at the right time of day. Brewing your jasmine tea begins with boiling water to 80°C (176°F). Whether you’re using loose leaf tea or tea in a sachet, be sure to let it steep for four minutes.

With an enchanting aroma and subtle flavor, a cup of jasmine tea will transport you to a more centered moment, no matter when you choose to enjoy it. But because the teas combined with jasmine blossoms to create this tea are significantly caffeinated, jasmine tea is best consumed in the morning or day. For non-coffee drinkers, jasmine tea can also offer a soothing alternative to your typical morning brew. And with its potent fragrance, it will help you dive into the day while remaining at ease.

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