No 4° Blend

Organic Chamomile Tea

Sweet  Verdant  Sublime

A delicate herbal blend layering lush florals and a crisp apple finish. Comforting and restoring. Caffeine free and perfect for evening.

15 MG CBD Per Sachet • 5 Sachets
Caffeine Free
THC Free (Non-Psychoactive)


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Caffeine free and unequivocally comforting, our No 4° Blend will become your new nightcap. With an organic chamomile tea sourced from Egypt—where the herb has served as a remedy since ancient times—organic rosehip, lavender, and more, this blend pairs subtle sweetness with a hint of spice for a sublime effect.

Featuring only the finest full-spectrum CBD extracts from established growers, each batch of the No 4° Blend is handcrafted and triple lab-tested to ensure a matchless experience in every cup.


Fair Trade Organic Egyptian Chamomile Tea, Premium Hemp-Derived CBD Extracts, Organic Lavender Petals, Organic Rosehip, Organic Green Tulsi, Organic Honeybush.