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Sencha Tea | The Benefits of Drinking Organic Sencha Tea

Benefits of Drinking Organic Sencha Tea

Learn all about how drinking our organic sencha tea with full-spectrum CBD extracts can enhance your well-being.

What is Sencha Green Tea?

Rich and earthy, sencha green tea is the most popular green tea in Japan and currently accounts for more than 60% of the country’s tea production. Sencha green tea was first brought to Japan from China in the 17th century and has remained a beloved option ever since. Though sencha green tea is still in production in China, the flavor profiles of Chinese and Japanese sencha green teas vary greatly; the former tasting more nutty and used mostly in flavored teas, and the latter offering a more verdant flavor which is typically prepared unflavored.

Sencha green tea is a green tea created from steaming the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant. There are several different kinds of sencha, and they are all determined by where the leaves were cultivated, how they were harvested and processed, as well as how long they were steamed. Regardless of the specific type, all sencha green teas offer an abundance of fresh flavor, a burst of caffeination, and a range of health-related benefits.

How is Sencha Green Tea Produced?

Many teas are made from the same plants, but a variety of factors inform the finished product, including the climate and geography where they’re grown and the way the leaves are processed after picking.

The most popular of all Japanese tea, sencha is produced widely throughout the country. The top regions for sencha green tea production in Japan include Shizuoka, Kagoshima, and Miyazaki. Japanese sencha green tea varies from other tea types in part because it is created from Camellia sinensis plant leaves that are cultivated and grown in direct sunlight.

Sencha green tea can be harvested in the spring, summer, and fall. However, the first harvest each spring, which is referred to as shincha—meaning new tea—is highly coveted for its remarkable freshness. The top leaves, shoots and buds of the Camellia sinensis plant are harvested to produce sencha, while the bottom portion of the plant is utilized to create bancha. This upper section is considered the youngest portion of the plant and therefore the highest quality. Sencha green tea can be harvested by machine, but is most often done by hand.

All green tea production follows several main steps, which include cultivating, harvesting, processing, blending, and packaging the leaves. Sencha green tea begins with steaming freshly picked leaves, which not only prevents further oxidation, but also seals in their vibrant color and taste. For any type of sencha, steaming remains the most essential part of the tea’s production. Afterward, the leaves are rolled, shaped, dried, and prepared for packaging.

Sencha typically features long thin leaves but can also be found in unrefined aracha iterations, which include the stems that are usually removed before the tea is packaged and sold. Aracha is characterized by the same fresh flavor as sencha, but with even more texture.

Depending on the producer’s preferences, some finished versions of sencha include a blend of different elements to effect a layering of flavors. Some producers specifically craft single-origin teas, while others are partial to an enhanced flavor profile.

When searching for your next Japanese sencha green tea, be sure to buy organic green tea that is also fair trade to guarantee that it has been cultivated in ethical, environmental, and health-friendly ways.


What Are the Benefits of Sencha Green Tea?

Tea is known to offer medicinal and health-related benefits, and sencha green tea is no exception. Filled with antioxidants that fight free radicals, sencha green tea is known to decrease inflammation, lower cholesterol, and even boost your immune system. And with a significant dose of caffeine, it will also elevate your mood.

Relieving Stress, Improving Your Sleep & Boosting Your Mood

Sencha green tea contains enough caffeine to peak your energy, but it’s less intense than a cup of coffee, so the boost you’ll experience will feel smoother than your typical morning jolt. Plus, its concentration of theanine—an amino acid known to evoke relaxation—will keep you feeling at ease.

But sencha also offers cognitive benefits, too. Since green tea is known to support blood flow, it can help promote better brain function. In fact, studies have shown that individuals who drink green tea experience a more active memory, and that consuming green tea can help prevent certain cognitive diseases.

Protecting Your Health & Preventing Future Ailments

The health benefits of sencha green tea don’t stop with your mind and mood. Sencha green tea can also protect your physical wellness and prevent future ailments from arising, too.

With potent antioxidants, sencha green tea helps your body fight off free radicals known to incite an array of harm—from causing cancer to accelerating aging. As a result, sencha green tea will not only mitigate the stress your body experiences, but it will also lower your chances of getting many types of cancer.

Sencha green tea is also known to support your health by promoting weight loss and reducing bad cholesterol. Sencha’s antioxidants will burn through fat, while its caffeine will keep your metabolism running high. Plus, by reducing bad cholesterol, it will not only lower your blood pressure, but help prevent future heart disease, too.

Sencha green tea can help your body feel its best now, keep you healthy long-term, and even ward off your next cold. With high antioxidants and plenty of vitamin C, it will give your immune system a well-deserved boost. And if you’ve already come down with a cold, sencha green tea can even shorten the duration of your illness.

When & How to Enjoy Sencha Green Tea

To reap the full benefits of sencha green tea, it’s important to prepare it correctly and consume it at the right time of day. Brewing your sencha green tea begins with boiling water to 85°C (185°F). Whether you’re using loose leaf tea or tea in a sachet, be sure to let it steep for three minutes.

With a fresh flavor profile and ample caffeination, sencha green tea is the perfect way to begin your day. If you find yourself stuck in a slew of meetings, it can also provide a refreshing boost to keep your spirits and metabolism up. And with a significant range of health-related benefits, the more sencha you add to your routine the better.

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